Race Sponsorship

The Turner Middle School teachers and volunteers strive to support students and staff as they facilitate the learning and development that happens every day at the middle school.  In order to make these things happen we need your help!  This year’s Bob Turner Classic 5K is one of the ways we can combine the unique blend of community, our love for active lifestyles, and support for our students and staff.  Last year the 14th Annual Bob Turner Classic raised $6,000!  This year we are reaching out for your support with the 15th Annual Bob Turner Classic on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 8:00am.  Our TMS’s Athletic and Technology Programs will benefit greatly from the funds raised this year.

We know that everyone runs these races for the “swag”.  So, get your information out in our Participant Bags passed out to our pre-registering runners.  We are looking for donated items, coupons, or cash to help us fill those bags.  We also have the opportunity for our sponsors to advertise your business with a logo on our banner and/or t-shirts.  And finally, a drawing will keep the participants huffing towards the finish line to see if they won!  We are looking for donations of items or cash to help make this experience exciting.

Kids run to see what is at the finish line, and let’s be honest in that running makes us all kids at heart.  What is a finish line without a little bit of party mixed in?  No matter the business, people love walking the booths as they cool down, visit, or wait for the slowpokes.  What better way to make connections, spread community, and advertise your business all at the same time.

Please contact us if you are able to support us in any of these ways:

  • Bag Items such as samples, coupons, stickers, or other items that can advertise your business and put a smile on someone’s face
  • Donations –cash, gift cards/certificates, or items that can be used in a drawing.
    • Our levels of support are as follows:
      • Blue ($50) – Your company name or logo on our official BTC Banner
      • Silver ($75) – 1 BTC t-shirt, and Banner Logo/Name
      • Dragon ($100) – 2 BTC t-shirts, Banner Logo/Name, and your company name or logo on the official BTC t-shirt

(All donors please submit a business logo (electronically if possible).  All logos must be submitted prior to April 13, 2017 (to be included on the race shirt).  All donations should be received by April 21, 2017.

  • Booths at the finish line to advertise your product, services, business, or organization (FREE with Silver or Dragon level support)

If you have any questions in regards to the 15th Annual Bob Turner Classic 5K Run / Walk, please contact us with the info listed below. Thank you for your support and we look forward to speaking with you soon.