Participant Information and Registration

The event itself is open to all age groups and all ability levels.  Come challenge yourself to be the best.  Come and bring a friend to enjoy a beautiful walk through Berthoud with you.  Better still, bring at least 5 of you from the same school and register as a team.  Bring your little ones and get a better workout in by pushing a stroller with you.  You are even welcome to bring your four-legged friends (with a leash of course).

For the 5K race we have several categories:

Grade 3 & Under
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9 to Age 19
Age 20 to 29
Age 30 to 39
Age 40 to 49
Age 50 to 59
Age 60 +

We also have a free 100 yard Dragon Dash event for the little ones not ready to do the whole 5K yet.

You can register for the race by using the following link.

Register for the 16 Annual Bob Turner Classic